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Why Do Women Use Sex Toys

There are a lot of reasons why a woman may want to use a sex toy. Women are as much in need of sexual release as men and it is well known that a vibrator or vibrating toy makes acheiving orgasm much easier. Vibrators have been around a long time and are often considered 'the favorite' for most women.

The History of Vibrators.Long ago, the needs of women were often ignored and it was not something that a lady should ever discuss. When women became sexually frustrated (often called hysteria) they would go to the doctor. Doctors would masturbate these women to orgasm. It may be surprising to know that the doctors felt this was time consuming and hard work.

The electric vibrator was invented in the 1880's for use by doctors to make this 'chore' easier. When first released to the public, it was common to find ads for the vibrator at major retailers. However, when the porn industry began using vibrators, the sexual nature versus an aid for an ailment could no longer be denied.

Obtaining a vibrator meant having to visit a seedy establishment in a shady part of town.Modern Times.In today's world, women are much more demanding of having their needs met. It is no longer considered taboo for a woman to admit to enjoying sex and expect an orgasm during sexual encounters.For a single woman, it is easy to understand why she may turn to a sex toy. For example, you can't get pregnant or contract a disease.

She doesn't have to 'hook up' just to have an orgasm. The stimulation is much more intense than masturbating without any aid. Women who have trouble achieving an orgasm find that using a vibrator is often the answer.

However, why would a woman in a loving relationship turn to a sex toy? Does this mean her man isn't satisfying her?.I want to emphatically say NO, although that may be true in some situations, that is not the norm. Here are a list of reasons that may not seem as obvious to men:.

  • Just like men, women like to masturbate occasionally. A sex toy performs this job very well.
  • A sex toy can bring some excitement and newness into the bedroom.

  • Women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. A sex toy can be used during intercourse to ensure that this need is being met.
  • A sex toy may be used during foreplay in a number of ways. For example, the man may like having control over the toy or a woman could use the toy while her partner watches.

The vibrator is probably one of the most popular of all sex toys. There are so many variations and models that most women or couples can find a vibrator to suit their needs. Aside from the vibrator, there are other types of toys that can be used to meet whatever need you may have. Chances are, whatever your need is, there is a toy out there somewhere that will satisfy it.

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By: Patricia Lee


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