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Understand Work Stress Burnout And Take Control Today

You may be experiencing the symptoms of work stress burnout even if you are as young as 25- 30 years of age, though most people affected are in their early 40's.

Some people experience a sudden grief and loss, while others perceive that something is changing but it may take several years to manifest.

Are you feeling a lack of personal achievement and satisfaction at work? This is one of the early warning signs.
Is going to work a time-consuming drudgery and work itself a day-long bore?
Do frustration levels increase exponentially as you grapple with life issues - which could show that you are not in control?
If so, you're not alone.

You're on the downhill slide to work stress burnout.

Don't expect your spouse or boss to understand what you are going through, as burnout is extremely personal in nature ? you're having the crisis, not them! You may be led to blame your spouse or boss for the way you're feeling, as they seem to be the closest source of your pain and angst.

However if your condition is true work place burnout then you will need professional help to shift your perceptions into a more realistic balance.

There are emotional and physical symptoms associated with what you are going through.

Emotional symptoms of stress at work?

The emotional symptoms usually show up as the first sign of burn out. You may often feel an unrelenting stress, lack enthusiasm, have a sense of loss of control as well as experience an unexplainable grief.

You may want to blame those around you for the way you feel, but this rarely resolves the inner turmoil that you are experiencing.

In severe cases of work stress burnout people experience thoughts of suicide, and even in mild cases the thought of total detachment through this means may seem to be a way out.

Many people who experience the emotional symptoms often show up at the doctor seeking help with a loss of spark in their personality.

"Nothing I do is worth it anymore," they say.

This feeling often results in a loss of productivity and creativity. It also fuels negativity and cynicism, with a quickness to get angry and blame others. Over time you may find solace in detaching yourself from others, however this rarely resolves the issue.

Physical Symptoms that accompany job stress?

Work stress burnout also affects your body. The feeling of "never being able to do enough" may drive you to work extensively long hours in an effort to catch up.

Physical exhaustion may take the form of headaches, physical shaking from head to foot, inability to think clearly and being unable to relax.

Physical exhaustion also causes you to lose your natural communication ability, so communication between your spouse and children, your boss or co-workers may sometimes become explosive.

There is also the possibility of experiencing gastrointestinal problems as your body is unable to cope with extensively long hours of work.

Is there a solution?

Yes there is.

You need to gather information and make a lifestyle change. Here are 3 resources you can use:

1. The American Institute of Stress: Many studies have proven beyond any doubt that stress affects your mind AND body. This site is "Dedicated to Advancing Our Understanding of: (1)The Role of Stress in Health and Illness, (2) The Nature and Importance of Mind-Body Relationships, and (3) Our Inherent and Immense Potential for Self-Healing." http://www.


2. The Job Stress Network: Everybody gets stressed at work. Although there are many good methods for quick stress relief (see resource #1), sometimes it is important to get information on work stress in particular.

This can help you cope with your job better. As stated on the website, "The purpose of this site is to bring together, for public dissemination, information about and related to Job Strain (specifically) and Work Stress (in general)." http://www.


3. Free 50 page report with stress relief tips and techniques: This site has not only free quality information on dealing with stress but several free online books which can help you set up proper mental attitudes to deal with stress. Take a peek at http://InstantStressManagement.com/stress.htm

You can add few simple tips for managing your work stress from the 50 page free report and in no time you will feel better.

Whatever you choose to do. Practice regularly and you will feel a major difference in your relationship with work and stress.

Article Source: http://www.



Abbas Abedi Get More Information On At My Blog Work Stress. .

By: Abbas Abedi


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