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The History of LDS Dating

When it comes to the term LDS Dating many outsiders may first wonder what is all about. LDS dating is an abbreviation for Latter Day Saint Dating. For those of you that are not familiar with the history of this movement, here is a look at some of that history.LDS dating stems from the LDS movement which is a movement within Christian Restorationism origination from the earlier parts of the 19th century. The founder is said to have been Joseph Smith Jr who was brought up in the state of New York, probably in a region where many LDS singles are looking for their partner today through different dating services.Called The Second Great Awakening this rise of a new belief system also included big camp meeting in 1801 at Cane Ridge in Kentucky.

At this meeting it is said that the participants exhibited for example different heavenly visions.The origin of all this that has lead to the large interest in LDS dating today happened on a part of the east coast of the United States called the Burned-Over District due to that so many Christian revivals were happening here at that time.A person interested in LDS dating probably has some Latter Day Saint background, but probably as with most different religions the person might be more or less adhered to the original beliefs of this church. They are said to have included the belief in the need to "restore the true church" of Jesus Christ.

The early Latter Day Saints are also said to have believed that directy authority from God was necessary for such a restoration to happen properly. From its origins it spread to many different places, many where again we find a lot of LDS dating go on these days with most likely mainly young people looking for their mate who they wish to have the same core beliefs as themselves.Examples are Ohio, Missouri and Illionois. The orginasations then continued to grow and at times divide into different branches with similar beliefs.

Today the largest domination is said to have 12 million members worldwide and probably this is part why LDS dating is a much sought after term online.So, when you head for your date with a man or woman who adhers to the beliefs of the Latter Day Saint movement you might now know some more about the backdrop of you LDS dating experience. As with any relationship, here also it would be of great help for your possible future life together to discover each others core values whatever they may be.


Kari Eriksson is an infopreneur and came across the popularity of LDS dating some time back. He decided to learn more on this topic and is now gathering his learnings at http://www.lds-dating-online.com where you can find articles, links and other useful resources.

By: Kari Eriksson


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