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The D Word DATING Rejection

Rejection is a fact regardless of how rich, sexy, famous; whatever you are we will all experience rejection. Usually when it comes to dating and rejection people start becoming devastated. Rejection verbiage comes in various forms?no, forget it, went with another candidate, never hear from the person again, need a cosigner, bad credit, it's not you it's me and the worst lets be friends.

Rejection is the drama king/queen of emotions it can ALWAYS predict the outcome. It can always read minds and the actions of others. The dangerous thing about rejection is it will work feverishly to get the doomed outcome it has promised you will happen. It promises you its only protecting you and bracing you for the let down so it will be easier for you.

If the worse does happen rejection never consoles it only continues being the constant victim.How does someone defeat rejection? The answer not going to make some very happy- rejection works like a craving. The more it feeds the more it needs so to conquer rejection the beast has to stop being feed.

You're going to have to do whatever it is while you are afraid. It may go much better than rejection has lead you to believe. Extend that coffee or movie invitation. Suggested why to ask: Let's you and I get some coffee/go to the movies this week. The person will let you know if they are available if they can't ?NO BIG DEAL! That's right! Regardless what rejection has whispered to you hearing a no from your amore isn't going to kill you.Let me interject something here? if you've asked this person out more than three times and they keep saying no?LET IT GO! And don't ask him/her out anymore if you do you're now entering harassment area.

Besides you want to spend time with someone that has time to spend with you.You will not flourish in the dating pool if you fall apart over some rejection. A note to the guys that beautiful girl who you think is taken or wouldn't go out with you have some courage and ask her out anyway.

If you're thinking this I guarantee so are a lot of guys that this woman comes on contact?so she just might be available. To conquer rejection ruling your life?do it when your afraid and don't dwell on the rejection move on. Keep in mind while you maybe upset looking at the person who rejected you there just might be another waiting to ask or to say yes to you.

.Leah Woods is a Life Coach, author, and actor working to get dating exciting again.


By: Leah Woods


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