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The Top Teleclass Mistakes to Attract Clients

Do you use teleclasses to market your service? Would you like to increase your clients to your ideal number?.Avoid these 7 mistakes and count your new profits! You.1. Don't give yourself enough marketing time before your teleclass. It's best to send two, three, even four email sales letters before your event. With two months of marketing, you can spread the word to other ezines and pros who will send to their lists.

2. Don't charge anything. Your audience only values what they have to invest in. Freebies attract lookie loos.

You put a lot of effort into your teleclass--don't dilute your efforts with people who run the minute something costs. Quality information deserves quality payment. If you are just starting, make the price low, maybe under $15. If you are the guru, charge more, maybe $30-$40. For interactive small group coaching , where you give feedback on submissions, charge about double. Maybe $70 or more.

3. Don't charge what your expertise defines. If you offer stress management, you probably won't charge as much as for writing a book, copywriting, or what's specifically needed for online marketing? Think about article marketing. Your articles need a pro's feedback so all the web article directories will love them.4. Don't include a free book, bonus report, or workbook with the teleclass.

When people see an offer they can't refuse, they won't. Seeing added value, they will commit. Some people aren't good listeners and will depend on the printed information to learn your top points or how tos.5. Don't include benefits in your teleclass title. Or, you use boring descriptions that won't pull attendees.

Motivate your audience with titles like, "Attract New Clients with the Number One Way to Market Online--Writing and Submitting Articles." or "How to Write your Book in Less Than 30 Days.".6. Don't offer full on content and ways to help your audience get skills they need.

People will leave your and the call forever if you spend too much time marketing other programs or products. They will judge you on your knowledge of your topic, your own success, and will realize you are the one they need. Of course, plan for a two-minute commercial. That is expected.

7. Don't follow up your teleclass with an outstanding offer or just to review the points on the teleclass. Remember, it takes 5-7 contacts with your audience before they begin to trust you and think you are the right choice for them.

Turn your teleclass audiences into clients with a little more attention to marketing, yet still delivering a fully-packed informational teleclass. Survey them to find out what level they are and what they need.

.Coach Judy Cullins works with small business people who want to make a difference in people's lives, build their credibility and clients, and make a consistent life-long income with a book. Author of 11 eBooks including Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast, she offers 2 free monthly ezines, "The BookCoach Says" and "Business Tip of the Month," at http://www.

bookcoaching.com and over 215 free articles. Mailto:Judy@bookcoaching.com. Questions and Orders: 866/200-9743.

By: Judy Cullins


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  1. Technip wins a Diesel Hydro Treater Facility project in Riyadh - Saudi Arania
  2. Foster Wheeler Secures EPC Contract for $18 Million Clean Fuels Project in Saudi Arabia
  3. ExxonMobil Heavy Duty Engine Oils Meet New API CI-4 Plus Specification
  4. Takreer to Set up $4 Billion Refinery in Fujairah
Diesels in America

Passenger cars
Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Jetta
Volkswagen Jetta Wagon
Volkswagen New Beetle
Volkswagen Passat ( April 2004)
Mercedes E-320 sedan (April 2004)

Sport utility vehicles
Volkswagen Touareg SUV (2004)
Chrysler Jeep Liberty ( Fall 2004)

Pickup trucks
Chevy Silverado
GMC Sierra
Dodge Ram
Ford E-series, F-series