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Should All Soldiers Really Be Honored for Service

Recently at a coffee shop I had talked to a soldier who had just gotten out of the military and he was an okay guy but severely lacked integrity and yet demanded respect. He demanded respect from me because he had served our country in Iraq. He demanded that I respect him and his point of view and submitted to his point of view and dismissed my own because he had served in the United States military as a foot soldier and therefore was smarter than me, better than me and was entitled to a lack of integrity and a bit of dishonesty because he had served our nation.Now then, here is my question to you; Should All Soldiers Really Be Honored for Service? Yes or no? Should we honor the soldier who lacks integrity who merely went through the paces and even joined the military because he was a total loser in life prior to joining the military and went back to being a loser is soon as he got out?.

Many believe that we should respect all of our veterans no matter what. Indeed, we should thank them for their service and take that into consideration, but honor someone and automatically respect them and adopt their opinion simply because they were in the military is ridiculous.There are good people of the military, my brother and dad are active and retired military and they are good folks, but there are less than great people in the military as well. Should all soldiers really be honored for service? Yes or no? You decide, because I know what I thought about particular soldier. Consider this in 2006.

.Lance Winslow.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Lance Winslow


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