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Secret Societies and Condemnation by Detractors

There are many conspiracy theorists out there who say that secret societies like the Skull and Bones are evil and without merit. That they are a slap in the face to our democracy and spitting on the flag of American liberty, but indeed there are two-sides to every issue and you most likely have heard one side already. Now then recently in an online think tank the subject was brought up and a conspiracy theorist thru the first punch and stated;."The Russell Trust that formed the Skull and Bones and is the virtual backbone of the "Royal Americans" made his fortunes on opium".In many parts of the world currency is only one form of exchange. Much of the world runs on guns, drugs, gems, arms and human trafficking, no one wishes to hear about it, but it is so.

And we cannot deny that. Many wealthy families were involved in such drug trades, gems, oil, arms, slaves and during prohibition alcohol too.I cannot say I am proud of such things, as the Russell Family lineage is in my family tree as well, yet that was then and this is now of course. Things have changed a lot in a hundred and fifty years. Today some of this still goes on around the world, certainly not in with this group, but with other nations and their elite families. There sex slaves in Asia, Africa, Indonesia, Russian Mob, Opium Trade and families still getting rich on cross border drug trades and former CIA guys moving drugs from Central and South America, via connects which go back even to the NAZI days.

We have dictators arming both sides so they can remain in control in Africa, and much of the world is hardly a nice place is it? Do I approve? Do you? Does anyone really? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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