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Relaxation Sound Although Free Often Forgotten

Relaxation sound is one of nature's gifts. Some things you have to pay for, but relaxation sound is always available and free even when it is the relaxing sound of silence.However, because of the fast pace of life you may have lost touch with the feeling of your relaxation sound. Relaxation sound can help you take a break so that you can breathe and enjoy the joy of living.The fast pace of life is ONE myth which you have accepted without questioning.Working as a volunteer I teach relaxation by the bedside for heart, stroke and cancer patients in hospitals.

I have taken note of one myth which states that relaxation should be a one time thing.Most patients agree, from experience, that to be healthy you need to slow down and smell the roses. Slowing down is a process and not a quick fix.

Relaxation is not part of life; relaxation is a process of living in each moment.If you accept this myth, consciously or unconsciously, then it is very difficult for you to be aware your relaxation sound. When you acknowledge your relaxation sound you are easily able to take a break and can breathe and enjoy the joy of living.If you believe in the myth that relaxation is a one time thing then you are setting yourself up for a massive health challenge.

As a simple exercise I want you to see how long you can hold your breath. Breathing is a natural part of living and if you are not practicing relaxation daily you may have stopped breathing without even being aware of it.Listening to your relaxation sound is a simple way to practice Relaxation. You can take a break and breathe and enjoy the joy of living.

In conclusion:.Your relaxation sound although free and readily available has been forgotten. The fast pace of life has forced you to accept the myth that relaxation is a one time thing.In your breathing exercise you may have discovered or been reminded of the significance of listening to your relaxation sound which will allow you to take a break so that you can breathe and enjoy the joy of living.

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.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Cecil_McIntosh.


By: Cecil McIntosh


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