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Rants from Lance on Gay Marriage and Rights Issues

Let me begin by saying that I have some gay acquaintances and these folks seem to be okay and not part of the gay fringe I speak of in this rant. Okay here it goes.I am totally pissed off; on one hand gays want the right to be accepted, respected and enjoy their god given Constitutional Rights to get married.

Then they self segregate away from the rest of us. Then they call us names. Homophobic, taunt the ever living crap out of people, challenge people to fights, but god help you if knock one on their ass for staring at yours and making sexual comments in line at a Starbucks.

This behavior is utter Bull Sh_t.So let them all get married, screw it. Let them go do whatever they want under one condition, they stop this insane game playing, taunting and then threats, intimidation and crap. It is really annoying and unprofessional and there is a group that carries on and thinks it is funny knowing you cannot knock them up side the head. Often the gay fringe purposely go around screwing with people like little childish kids. NA NA NA NA NA.

It is sickening behavior. But if anyone says anything about it, you just watch as they jump on this comment like a ton of bricks, oh they can dish it out, but don't call them a name like they do to you or you are Racist, a NAZI, homosphobic, need mental help. What a bunch of utter hokum indeed.No wonder everyone votes down every gay and lesbian marriage issue. People are tired of it.

Now the gay women do not go around doing this do they? No it is only the childish men, the younger gays, who just will not leave it alone. Why is that? Why can't they control themselves? Why do they go around picking fights? Why do they threaten businesses and people who do not agree with them? Tolerance is one thing, but in your face, dare you not to hit me, is another, quite another.There needs to be laws against this or there should be a law that if they do it, you can return comments or knock them silly. If they are big buff type, knock them even harder? Why not, they go around provoking fights? Many of them do it all the time. If the gay and lesbian community cannot control their own, in this way, there is no way in hell the public will vote for gay marriage. No way.

And if we reward their bad behavior by allowing them to get married, will they stop or become more emboldened to demand more?.If they get married will they mellow out in public? Or will they continue this general harassment, knowing you cannot do a darn thing about it? Can we trust the gay community to chill out, if marriage is allowed? Doubtful. Why can't they or won't they get along. And I realize this is not the majority and that their small minority fringe is out of control, but they do not seem to care, even though it is now affecting public attitude towards the whole gay and lesbian community.

And in advance anyone who call me homophobic you can go to hell. Provided there is such a place? End of Rant from Lance.

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By: Lance Winslow


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