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Planning For Change

Success means more than economic gains, titles and degrees. It usually follows careful planning. If you decide you want to change your life and have a good idea of what you want to do then that is the time to start planning how you will achieve your goal. There are many things you need to examine and consider before you begin to make plans. The easiest and most efficient way is to put all the points on paper, not in any particular order but just as you think of them. You must decide exactly what you.

Do you want a new job? Do you want promotion in your present job? Do you want to stay in the same town? Are you prepared to move? Do you want to stay in the same Country? If not, where do you want to go? How are you going to go about making the changes you want? Decide what you want to change and then PLAN how you are going to make those changes. Let us look at some of the things we need to examine and be clear about when making our plans. Who are YOU? To gain insights about yourself, you need to look closely at your beliefs, values and principles.Moreover, you can also reflect on your experiences which have shaped your skills, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses.

Are you highly motivated, generous, service oriented, but impatient? Are you introvert or extrovert? Will your new lifestyle be appropriate if you make the changes you are considering? Do you have alternative plans if you cannot achieve your original ambitions? The more you carry out this personal assessment the easier it will be for you to decide if you really do want to make a change.By now you have carried out an in-depth study of your inner self. Your next decision concerns how successful you want to be. To be successful you must devote all your energy to the idea to achieve this enviable state. Do you have strong ambitions to be the CEO of a large company? Or do you just want a secure position which will provide all your needs in life? Again the same situation arises if you want to succeed in other areas of your life. Will you have to change your attitude or ideas? Will you have to think about further education or study some subject with which you are not familiar? You will know the answer to these questions if you have made the necessary studies outlined above.

Your in depth examination should cover all aspects of your life, i.e. the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual values you hold.Once you have decided on your goal you can now proceed with the method with which you are going to reach it. If your ambition is to reach the higher echelons of business then concentrate on the requirements. Research these requirements and find a mentor to monitor your progress.

If your aims lie in another direction utilise the same formula, i.e. research and study your subjects and never be afraid to ask for advice and help.

If you are tenacious and dedicated enough you will realise your ambitions. Use contacts, friends and acquaintances. Whatever your objective, you will certainly, at some stage need help from others so cultivate friends and contacts.If you carry out these basic principles you will be able to make changes in your life style, succeed in your goals and achieve your ambitions. One vital point to remember is Plans Can Always Be Changed. Circumstances may arise where it is necessary to change direction or ambition.

If that happens, accept the fact, consider the situation and renew your plans and objectives.

.Michael Russell.Your Independent guide to Self Help.

.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_Russell.


By: Michael Russell


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