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Man and a Woman Marriage Law

If you are against gay marriage you may find yourself in a debate with a homosexual, who will insist that their sexual preference is completely normal. Of course when it comes to male homosexuality, there is nothing physiologically normal about what they are doing behind those close doors. But if you say anything, you are branded a homophobic. I was called a homophobic for pointing out that the gay fringe too often resorts to name calling when someone does not agree with them.

It is not homophobia; it is learned experience. Still rather than hate, I understand, but it seems to me that if the Gay and Lesbian Community will get on the same page, mentor some of these younger aggressive guys some of which are so completely out of control, that your group may indeed get your way sooner than later. Now realize this is just watching trends and flows and behavioral patterns, persnicketiness, vindictive and malicious behavior.Personally it just does not affect me, but you can see by the online internet forum topic threads on this subject that it sure makes people's blood boil doesn't it; on both sides of the gay marriage issue. And realize although personally I over look many things, it is obvious human nature that those who are disrespected want revenge.

And right now it doesn't matter who started it, because this has the making of a full-scale debate over religious beliefs and civil rights. The young gay males are combative and vindictive from being disrespected and the verbal attacks back are indeed causing the Christian Right the same level of combativeness.


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By: Lance Winslow


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