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June is and Many are Expecting a Category VI Hurricane

Well we all know what a Category V Hurricane is like now after watching Hurricane Rita, Katrina and Wilma. And we watched the Gulf Coast and Cancun and Cozumel get slaughtered beyond belief. But did you know that the Saffir-Simpson Scale stops at Category V it does not go past that. However did you know that Hurricane Wilma would have actually been a Category VI if there was one?.Many meteorologists are calling for a Category Six if these strong Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Seasons keep producing off the chart Hurricanes.

The end of times nearly upon us, will June 6, 2006 be the rapture, Armageddon and are all the conspiracy theorists correct? Are the religious nut cases corrected assuming that 666 is indeed June 6, 2006 only one week into the official 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season. Does this mean we will get the equivalent of a hurricane Wilma, which took out Cozumel and Cancun all the shores of the United States?.But where will this category six hurricane hit on June 6, 2006; Willet hit Long Island New York, as many insurance companies are pulling out predicted that this will be the year they get the big one? Will this be the year the Tampa Bay is no longer? Is Houston ready for a big category five or category six hurricane? What would that due to oil prices; can use a $10 a gallon for gasoline? Or will New Orleans take another hit and destroy the billions of dollars of rebuilding we already spent? Is FEMA ready to battle with the Devil and Mother Nature at the same time in the beginning of hurricane season?.Well, let it be known that I am not into conspiracy theory nor do I believe in the Devil, but many believe that 666 has something to do with June 6, 2006 right smack dab in the first official week of hurricane season 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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  1. Technip wins a Diesel Hydro Treater Facility project in Riyadh - Saudi Arania
  2. Foster Wheeler Secures EPC Contract for $18 Million Clean Fuels Project in Saudi Arabia
  3. ExxonMobil Heavy Duty Engine Oils Meet New API CI-4 Plus Specification
  4. Takreer to Set up $4 Billion Refinery in Fujairah
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