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Hurricane Season War in Iran and Diesel Prices What is Next Lance Rants

Some people do not quite understand the issues with our economy and high fuel prices, which are a firestorm against our nations efficiencies and standards of living. Yet we must also understand that what we see today is nothing compared to last summer and the prices we saw last summer are nothing compared to the 2006 Summer Season, as the 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season hits and the War with Iran gets underway.You see when prices get really high and there is transportation disruptions from oil tankers, trucks or trains, we have more than just a price spike or supply issue, we actually run dry of fuel? What? Yes that's right, run out.

I do not mean to be alarming but, when trucks and trains stop, America Stops too. Most grocery stores and Major Retailers operate on a real time basis, meaning that Inventories of the past and big warehouses are not needed to the same degree as before. This is what the new economy is bringing.

It means lower prices to consumers due to inventories being less and less cost needed to store goods for any amount of time.Can you even begin to imagine no gasoline or diesel at the pumps? If you can't well perhaps an Arizonian can tell you what happens, as they had a ruptured pipeline, which caused a supply issue, gas stations ran out of fuel. It was chaotic indeed, but it only lasted some 10-days, imagine a shortage of 3-4 months or even 6-months? Imagine what then? You see without fuel nothing, goes no where, very fast. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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