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Federal Trade Commission Attacks Authors and Natural Cures Again

Wow, it sure is becoming transparent that the Federal Trade Commission is dishonest and misrepresentative in their endeavors and although this is only my opinion after a decade long study of the worthless agency it should be readily obvious.Here is how it works I think; A homosexual male Lobbyist of the Pharmesuitical Industry gets something straight between himself and a Senator or Congressman. Next the Congressman or Senator calls the FTC to probe a certain issue. Such as vitamin supplements, natural cures or something else, because it competes with the Lobbyist Prostitutes employer.The Federal Trade Commission starts an investigation, doctors up a BS case, fudges the declarations, miss profiles the entrepreneurial company, doctor or author of a natural cures book and then files a bogus lawsuit.

They try to bury them in a 1000 plus pages of supposed legitimate back-up material, most all of it is usually false.I believe that about sums it up. You see the FTC wants you fat, dumb and stupid so you have to buy more drugs when you get old to stay alive. Why? Because they are in cahoots with the political corruptness in my opinion and now they are attacking Natural Cure Book authors.Now mind you I personally am not a fan of Kevin Trudeau, but I guarantee you I am 100% no fan of the Federal Trade Commission, their tactics, misrepresentation or forward looking press release statements.

The FTC must be full of hate for humanity and merely a political lap dog for corrupt politicians and the lobbyists who blow them. This is an opinion from Lance, with a little insider information. Consider all this in 2006.

.Lance Winslow.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lance_Winslow.


By: Lance Winslow


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