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Discover YOUR Purpose and Activate Powerful Motivation for Health and Wealth

There are many reasons why people get up in the morning and go to work but that does equate to a "purpose". More often than not it is a motivation driven by a fear based fuel system. In order to help understand what purpose is we must first understand what it is NOT.

1. It is not someone else's idea of what you need to do in order for others to say that you have achieved something in life (or work).2. It is not what you feel you have already achieved (Although some would disagree).

3. It is not a goal that you have been set or you have set yourself.It is the REASON you WANT to get out of bed in the morning, it is the driving force that you once had before the adult workplace got hold of your energy. The articles I have already written and a few yet to be penned expand on the subject of taking a much closer look at life, yourself and others.

Our dreams and thoughts are based on what we would perceive as a perfect world. We know that world does not exist and yet we still want it. Let me state here and now that the world you want can exist and the only thing stopping it is your conviction that what you believe your reality will conceive.You have collected many skills over a lifetime of work, some in ways that are not taught in schools or universities but skills none the less. Much of what you have accumulated does not have a diploma, a certificate or a doctorate yet in many cases they surpass all of them.

Don't you think you should have a diploma for motherhood, fatherhood, home accountancy? How about a certificate in diplomacy, cooking, washing, cleaning? Sounds mad I now but think about all the skills you do have. As long as you are being told that with all those skills and experience you're only worth what someone else "thinks" your worth? In most cases that is exactly correct because you have stopped valuing yourself in terms of life-skills.As you read this I would like you to take a step back in time and think about all the experiences, all the skills you have picked up along the path of life. These skills may seem that they are not related to each other.

You may have beaten yourself up because you have changed jobs on many occasions because, well frankly you did not like it or it was not challenging enough for you. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING!.What if I asked you to really think about the accumulated skills you have in your possession. What if I said that all this time your subconscious was collecting all the things, all the knowledge that has been guiding you towards your own PURPOSE.Stop using or agreeing with phrases such as "What will be will be" or "I just accept things as they happen" or "I go with the flow".

They are ALL clear indications of weak reasons masking your lack of purpose!.Should you really limit yourself to playing the strategy game of social approval if it means sacrificing your own heart? Don't you know that under the fabricated morals of laws, rules and religions they have their own agenda? Of course you do yet to accept these is to accept "What will be will be". A complete abdication of personal responsibility for your own purpose and a sacrifice of your childhood dreams, no wonder you're so stressed! You were born with the capacity to make your dreams come true, it is a NATURAL gift but all the influences that have taken place between then and now have made you almost forget who YOU are.Most working positions are constructs by those who feel their purpose is to make money (it is not). Money is a token system used by modern man to "trade" your labour or energy in return for paper that has a "perceived" value.

You are contributing towards the dreams of the shareholders but never realizing your own!.Unless you uncover what your purpose is you will spend the BEST years of your life in the service of others. You will be contributing towards the purpose of those who have placed a lower value on you than you would yourself. Why do you believe you deserve that pay-rise? BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH MORE AND YOU FEEL IT AND KNOW IT!.Remember that you do not need to ask for anyone's permission to decide what your own purpose is or should be. I mentioned in my last article a thing we call "limiting-metaphors" these are language patterns that hold us back, brainwash us into believing we have no choice when in fact we do.

I have included a common metaphor below and may write another article on the subject later but for now look at this one.See if you know anyone (including yourself) that uses it.No pain, no gain! Well this one has been adapted by the sports world for almost every situation you can think of. The history behind this one comes from various biblical metaphors. Remember those zealots telling the masses that unless they conform to "gods" will they will burn in hell, or before we can ascend to paradise we much first pay penance. In other words before YOU can live your dream or find your purpose you have to SUFFER! Who thought this stuff up! (I have an idea but this is not the time or place for the explanation) IT IS NOT TRUE!.

HOW ARE YOU GOING TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE? Your purpose is derived from what you value most and in order to know what that is you have to resolve present day conflicting values. At the start of this article I mentioned that your purpose is not what you have achieved, you can achieve many things in your lifetime and still have nothing to do with your purpose.WHAT PURPOSE IS.

It is a repeating expression within you that makes you feel good about the world and yourself. It is not a collection of "things" or an accumulation of material wealth. There is a simple exercise you can do in order to find out what your purpose could be. I am not sure who originally came up with the idea for this little exercise but it worked for me and many people I know. It will allow you to bypass any limiting thoughts just long enough to catch a glimpse into your childlike dreams and sense of purpose that has been eroded by a busy working life.

In order for this to work you have to agree to some rules for the next few moments (I know more rules) but these are designed to leave behind, if only for a moment any judgments against yourself and feelings of guilt associated with this exercise. So no judging and no "what will happen if?" thoughts, just suspend all critical factors and brainstorm your dreams.First: Identify and write a list of what you LIKE about YOURSELF (The harder this part is the more you have let your purpose slip away from you). Next: List how you most LIKE to spend your time (this does not include watching TV).Now imagine (just for a while) that it is a perfect world, a world without out negative news and conflict of any description. Then combine the two areas you listed above, about yourself and what you like to do in this perfect world.

Now try and answer the following questions to yourself?.1. Where are you?.2. What are you doing?.3.

How do you feel?.4. How can you make this happen?.Now that you have linked all of the above go deeper into this new world you have imagined. List your strongest personality attributes, abilities, artistic flare, and creative side, physical activities and anything else that has positive energy for you.

Now make that imaginary world fit your real world by working towards that personal utopia.One thing you can be sure of in this life is that you're going to get ONE chance at making all the above real. You are equipped with everything you need. If you are going to mask the effort it requires by allowing external (imagined) forces to stop you on your journey that is also your destiny. It is still your decision?whatever the outcome.Be true to yourself first then to others.

I do hope that it has helped the few that take the time to read this; I also hope that many will see that these are only words on a screen. It is YOUR actions that will transform them into something as special as you were born to be?until next time.

.Jason Rife has spent years as a sales manager, copywriter, NLP expert and hypnotist. Has consulted on TV documentaries in the UK and Mexico and runs http://www.artofnlp.

com and http://www.nlplogy.com subscribe to the newsletter and read many more NLP related articles for FREE. His best selling E Book "How to get a pay rise" appears on the above sites. An expert in "covert-hypnosis" you can be sure to get more for less from his original and exclusive work on the mirrored sites above.

By: Jason Rife


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