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Could There Be a Civil War Over Illegal Immigration

With all the protests someone recently asked if there might be a civil war over the illegal immigration issue? Oh no doubt we could easily have a civil war over this, but luckily the illegal immigrants who come here are very happy to be here rather than where they came from. And until they reach 12% of our population, probably not a civil war. But mind you some estimates are as high as 24 million illegal aliens, but there are 300 million plus people so we could hit 12% if this continues at the current rate or if Mexico City has another 8.5 plus Earthquake causing mass exodus into the US.

So, we should not be over alarmed at the civil war thing, but we damn well ought to pay attention to how we handle this crisis otherwise, our children will be sorry. I hope you will consider this abstractly without the "scare tactic' motif, just kind of consider history, fall of Rome and some other issues in and around the world right now with separation of classes, riots, torched cars and such in other nations.We all need to hold up the same flag and be on the same team for immigration to really work. That means streamlining entry process and preventing illegal crossings. We owe ourselves that much, look it took too much sacrifice to build all this to not be smart about maintaining all we are and all we have built.

Thank you for your consideration.

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By: Lance Winslow


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