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Cancel the National Credit

Every one of us should turn off the national credit by demanding legislation that does exactly that. No more limit extensions. The last one must be the last one. Servants with the power of credit become masters, act like masters and tell the public to go pound sand.

They figure they don't need us, they have a credit card with an adjustable limit, just like you and me. No one is above the law except the folks with unlimited credit.How long do you think the phony wars on crime, drugs, poverty and terror will last without credit? How many military adventures would there be? Wouldn't need so much energy with a contracted economy would we? We don't need this government to stop global warming. We need to get rid of this government to stop global warming. They have been making that clear since the seventies or earlier.

Anarchy would be better for America than the murdering thieves the people put in power with their corporate bosses. Central government has become like marriage, there is no longer any point to it.The wolves say to the sheep, let us protect you from all evil and the sheep speak as one.

Baaah. Help us, protect us, save us good shepherds. How could we ever live without our good shepherds? All of them busy busy doing God's work. Bless them all.

Let them go take their new corporate jobs. None need go homeless or houseless, for that matter. None need be locked in cages or executed for their crimes. There will be no reform, no end to corruption, no end of suffering until there is an end to the central government; which would put every state government on notice.

The citizens would again be sovereign and maybe they will not trade it away for promises and pie in the sky this time. We can't defeat evil when we insist on paying its wages. Even less so when we let evil set its own wage.If we were honest people would we want to work with more than five hundred who are not? Then why would any good or honest person want to do so? They don't. So who, then do we vote for? The best liars.

As good and honest people we ought not have better leaders than we deserve. But how good would we need to be to deserve better than we have? Whatever that is, let's do it. In order to have better, be better.

In order to be better, want better. We must stop settling for the lesser evils and choose good for a change.If the people do not become a check on government as has been our responsibility from the beginning, things must get worse and we will deserve worse than we get, due to a God more merciful than just. But I don't want half the punishment karma demands and neither does anyone else. Power is there for the taking. To pretend it is not, is hypocrisy and irresponsible; which just might be our whole problem in a nutshell.

We must demand one more law to stop the borrowing, or declare the bankruptcy that is a fact no one wants to talk about. Maybe if we don't talk about it, we won't have to DO anything about it either. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I know you are willing to work off the more than $25,000 worth of debt each of your family members represents ? but who will work off my share?.

.Ed Howes sought and found, knocked and entered. Now he sees things differently.

To see more of what he sees, please visit http://www.justanotherview.com or do an author search here at Ezine Articles.

By: Ed Howes


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