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Better Rail In The US Is It Possible

Can we better our railway system in the United States? We know it could use some upgrades, as we have not done much in decades to improve the over all system or have we? Well we have done many things, but the tracks, routes and basic system is the same, although it does run more efficient, modernized and computerized.If you look at high-speed rail in Japan, France, Germany and the Euro-Tunnel Connection and in many other human civilizations, you can see where the United States is falling behind. Yet if you look at the work being done by Bechtel Research and others and the new technologies now, perhaps our waiting may be better served. We have learned from all their mistakes overseas and could now implement a nearly perfect sytem.We did find cracks in the tracks of a high-speed train which went from DC to NYC and in other nations they have had horrific crashes in Germany, France, Japan and other places in the last five years, but then again there have been slow speed train crashes too killing so many in India too. In hindsight, wouldn't it be great to take all we know now and start fresh?.

We actually have allies such as China, which could do just that. Virgin territories out there and today BNSF announced opening an office there. What if we could build our systems better using all our knowledge now and start over from scratch? Can you imagine how much better, more efficient it could be?.

Without the vibrational sound disruptions, causing havoc for so many other natural systems and Bio-systems of the various species; trains really rumble a lot; of course without that flow of transportation, we also could not live such a great standard of life. Quiet fast moving trains and surface transportations systems with less friction, able to carry more weight on less energy are needed and that makes sense.Additionally from a theoretical long-term object standpoint; Anytime you invest in the flows of your civilization, you increase efficiency and get back the benefits ten-fold. It is too bad more human planners are so short sided and do not understand that truth.

In any case this is one reason I can state matter of factly how important such studies in rail transportation really are. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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