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Alternative Ways to Take Out Locust Swarms

Is it possible to take out a whole Locust Swarm using modern technology? Well one online think tank has been studying the problem of locust plagues and their devastation and considered many possible ways to take out locusts as they swarm to prevent them from devastating an already starving Africa.Some of the ways considered have been the use of sound waves, microwaves, napalm and even chemical crop dusting from a fire fighting borate bombing Schlumberger 747. Now then there are other possible high-tech methods to cut down a locust plague or swarm, such as THEL laser? THEL is a high-energy chemical laser, which is semi-portable and yes it is deadly indeed. In fact Israel uses it as a missile defense system; the likes of which no locust has ever encountered or would want to.Then there is a UK rapid-fire system, which puts out as many or more rounds than the C-130 gun ship in any caliber you pick. Well both these ideas might be over kill but putting a round every square inch would definitely diminish the swarm big time and fast too.

Or one think tanker suggested rounds which gets in with the swarm and circulate within it at high rates of speed and other think tanker discussed dumping gas that chokes them or which is corrosive and causes immediate pain.Many other possibilities if you choose to depart from sound. But for steering them, I like sound the best and that was my original comments prior to your inquiry on locust plagues. Steer them, but do not try to kill them is the battle cry of one member of the think tank.And as far as using it for killer bees, well unlike the Locusts we need them, because we have butterfly issues and need the pollination more than the very few incidents they actually are causing for people.

Perhaps education is smarter in that case, educate people not to piss the killer bees off. Mosquitoes, that is a whole other story, we need them to limit their populations. But for now, how do you get rid of a locust plague, which is 5 miles wide and deep and over one-hundred feet tall? Good question and the quest goes on.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.


By: Lance Winslow


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